Modelli di sviluppo Golfvacanze
Modelli di sviluppo Golfvacanze
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Development models

With the words "golf course'' we identify a variety of sports facilities that, despite being linked by a single common thread, the game in fact, can be differentiated into different formulas that characterize both the initial investment and the management. There are over 50,000 golf courses in the world so it is easy to imagine that each of them responds to a different business logic depending on the weather and the environment in which it was built. In fact, all the paths indistinctly have to deal with the principles of economy and management and with the rules and changes of the market.

There are therefore different formulas of initial investment and management of a golf course that can be so classified and that in reality can be a mix of various formulas:

- Golf Club in the strict sense owned by the club members;

- residential real estate investments where the entrepreneur realizes golf and builds residences connected to the golf course and sells real estate units on the market;

- entrepreneurs or hotel chains that make around one or more golf courses for tourism purposes to enhance the accommodation facilities of the tourist hotel district;

- public administrations (state, regions, municipalities) that make the golf course on state-owned land and lease it to a sports or private company for management;

- private investments on own or concession areas aimed at managing course in a strictly commercial or touristic form whose entrepreneur manages and offers the sports service at market conditions.