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The golf course

A golf course is a vast area planted with grass, divided into a series of stripes ranging from 30 to 50 meters in various length called fairways, which end with grassy, ​​smooth and sliding pitches, called greens, where the holes are positioned.

The sequence of fairways, starting with a starting pitch and ending with the hole, forms a golf course that normally consists of 9/18 holes and multiples thereof.

A standard golf course, unlike all other sports facilities, has no exact geometric dimensions; an 18-hole course spread over a length of 5,600 m to 6,300 m in an area of ​​about 60-70 hectares.

The path is therefore composed and organized on the ground following certain customs and certain rules closely related to the development of the game, bearing in mind that on it will have to try players of both sexes and all ages and abilities. On the same golf course will be able to play professional players, but also all the other players of the amateur level compensated with a defined advantage Handicap ranging from 0 to 36 shots.

The aim of the game of golf is to complete the course in the least number of hits and each hole is played as an episode in its own right. The sum of the shots used to complete the course is the result of the player.