The golf origins

Le origini del golf Golfvacanze
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The Golf origins

Golf is a sport born in ancient times and its true origins are in fact still unknown. There are traces of a game played in the Middle Ages in the Netherlands called kolf and golf, practiced in England in the fifteenth century by kings and plebeians. Certainly even then it was a very engaging and exciting sport, if in 1457 the King of Scotland James II banned the game of golf, due to which were ignored the noble arts of war and if in the sixteenth century the Church forbade the practice on Sunday.

If initially golf was nothing more than a pastime played on the lawns modeled only by nature, in the seventeenth century in Scotland, the so-called cradle of golf, began to form the first groups of players who started the creation of the first golf clubs.

In this way it began to treat and correct the area of ​​the playgrounds and to follow a series of rules, many of which are still in force today and respected throughout the world.

Since then, golf has come a long way and in over 500 years of history has become one of the most practiced sports in the world. There is no nation that has not built golf courses and today the players in the world are more than 60 millions.